Meditation for
Fidgety Skeptics

A clear, simple approach to meditation with bestselling author Dan Harris and the most respected teachers and scientists on the planet.



No Robes.
No Crystals.

Learn how meditation can help you feel happier, sleep better, and tame the voice in your head.


Mindfulness for Real Life

Explore 10% Happier Courses, an exclusive library of video lessons and guided meditations that help you improve your relationships, work, and health.

Learn From the Best

Learn from the pioneers who brought mindfulness to the West and a cadre of the smartest, coolest, funniest meditation teachers and scientists in the world.

To say the app was life-changing for me sounds like marketing jargon, but I mean it sincerely.
— paulrflynn
This makes it easy.
And enjoyable. And personal.
I am a big fan.
— ginamiz
Dan Harris is a sweet smartass that is relatable in our chaotic world. Thank you.
— via Google Play
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