10% Happier Meditation Tour

Follow along as we tour the US in our 10% Happier rock star bus. You've got TWO ways to join us (details below). See you on the road!

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Learn more about our 2017 Meditation Tour and check out where we plan to stop along the way. Tour starts Sunday, January 22nd in NYC and ends Wednesday, February 1st in LA. See details below to register for LIVE events. 

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Meditation Tour Map

About the 10% Happier Meditation Tour

Dan Harris is perhaps the most unlikely meditation evangelist, ever. After a panic attack on Good Morning America, he wrote the New York Times bestselling memoir 10% Happier about what led him to embrace a practice he’d long considered ridiculous. He then started the 10% Happier: Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics app with a handful of bona fide meditation teachers, including Joseph Goldstein and Sharon Salzberg.

Now here’s what’s troubling Dan: The perception of meditation is shifting from weird and culty to trendy and beneficial. But despite this evolution, most people aren’t actually meditating. So Dan recruited Jeff Warren, founder of the Consciousness Explorers Club in Toronto, to head cross-country (in a 10% Happier rock star bus) to figure out what’s standing in the way of a regular practice for all sorts of Americans--and help them knock down these challenges. This road trip will serve as the catalyst for a new 10% Happier book (January 2018) and a series of courses on the 10% Happier app. It will also be covered by ABC News Live. We'll be visiting National Parks, chef's kitchens, high school auditoriums, and neuroscience labs. All the disparate people & places that are interested in meditation.

Meditation Tour Itinerary

Day 1, Sunday, January 22nd: NYC

Morning 1/22: Good Morning America

Jeff will meet Dan at work. Jeff & Dan will have a chance to sit down with Dan's GMA co-hosts and learn more about their interests & challenges in meditation. Have they tried? Do they practice regularly? What's holding them back? Jeff will lead them in a group meditation. Dan & Jeff will also be interviewed at the start of this epic Meditation Tour. What do they expect will happen? What are they excited about? What are they worried about?

Lunch 1/22: Working with Bianca

Despite her meditation evangelist of a husband (or, perhaps because of) - Bianca doesn't meditate regularly. She gets that meditation would be beneficial, but can't find the time. Jeff will work with her to identify what's going on for her, and give her practice tips that might work. Bianca will then be checking in on FaceTime with Dan & Jeff daily.

Afternoon 1/22: Josh Groban

Artist Josh Groban has been interested in meditation for some time, but hasn't gotten over the hump to regular practice. He'll sit with Dan & Jeff, who will learn more about his background & work with him 1-on-1 to teach him meditation & help him overcome whatever challenges he is facing.

Day 2, Monday, January 23rd: NYC + BOSTON

Morning 1/23: Elvis Duran

Elvis Duran is one of the top morning DJ's in the country. He's had a long relationship with Dan, and he & his crew are fascinated with meditation. But, they haven't found a way to make the practice a regular part of their lives. Dan & Jeff will be there to help them get over that hump.

Evening 1/23: Newton South High - THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT! Watch it Live on ABC Live at 7pm EST

Dan & Jeff will be giving a public talk at Newton South, Dan's old high school. 'Up Your Meditation Game: Take on the Secret Fears that Stop You From Meditating or Mess Up Your Practice' Join ABC news anchor Dan Harris and Jeff Warren (the MacGyver of meditation teachers) for an evening of discussion and practice. Bring your meditation questions...what’s holding you back? They’ll help you up your game!

Day 3, Tuesday, January 24th: Washington DC

Dan & Jeff spend time talking meditation with Congressman Tim Ryan and other government officials in Washington DC. 

Day 4, Wednesday, January 25th: Lexington, VA

Wednesday the 25th, Virginia Military Institute

Major Matt Jarman, Ph.D and Colonel Holly Richardson, Ph.D have been working to bring mindfulness and compassion meditation to the cadets at the Virginia Military Institute. Modern Warriorship is a new course developed by Major Jarman to provide students with the tools they need to mentally and physically prepare themselves for warriorship in the modern world, which translates to a readiness and willingness to help others when needed.  Students will meditate regularly outside of class and will learn a number of different practices intended to cultivate warriorship (e.g. compassion practices).

Dan & Jeff will visit VMI to speak with Matt, Holly, and a group of cadets that are engaging in meditation practices. 

Day 5, Thursday, January 26th: Nashville, TN

Morning 1/26: Lab of David Vago, Vanderbilt University

Dave Vago is one of the leading neuroscientist in the country studying contemplative practice. He'll be giving Dan & Jeff a tour of his lab, and they will be measured in various meditation practices. Dave will give us a sense of what we've proved about the benefits of meditation, and where the research is headed.

Evening 1/26: Jazz in NOLA

We'll watch the Shannon Powell Quartet playing at Snug Harbour and interview Shannon Powell. He's known as "The King of Treme"---has appeared on the HBO show Treme. He is just beginning to meditate, but is willing to try taking it a step further.

Day 6, Friday January, 27th: New Orleans, LA

Afternoon 1/27: Jackson Square

We'll set up a Pop-Up Meditation Booth in Jackson Square, and Dan & Jeff will be giving meditation lessons to the denizens of New Orleans.

Day 7, Saturday January, 28th: Austin, TX

Rest Day for the team. 

Day 8, Sunday January, 29th: Las Cures, NM

Morning 1/29: AIT Kids, Las Cures, NM

AIT Kids is an incredible organization working with developmentally disabled children in the region. Their staff is stressed & interested in mindfulness, but most haven't established a regular practice. Dan & Jeff will be sitting with them, helping them learn & boot up a practice.

Evening 1/29: Police HQ, Tempe AZ

The police chief in Tempe, AZ brought mindfulness into this cop shop. Dan & Jeff will do a night ride-along with an officer to get a feel for their day-to-day.

Day 9, Monday January, 30th: Tempe, AZ

Morning 1/30: Police HQ, Tempe AZ

Dan + Jeff will speak with a group of Tempe police officers in the morning about enhancing their practice. Then, they will record a podcast interview with the Chief.

Day 10, Tuesday January, 31st: Joshua Tree, CA

Morning 1/31: Joshua Tree National Park, CA

Dan & Jeff will take a break and get into the wilderness, and of course will be meditating along the way!

Day 11, Wednesday February 1: Los Angeles, CA

Morning 2/1: Hollywood, CA

An incredible organization, Inside Out Writers, has asked us to help them with two events. Through its Writing and Alumni Programs, IOW provides a continuum of care to youth and young adults who have been impacted by the criminal justice system both during and following their incarceration. A group of IOW alumni will be reading 10% Happier and then Dan & Jeff will be leading a meditation workshop with them.

Afternoon 2/1: Unplug Meditation Studio, Los Angeles, CA

Dan & Jeff will also be helping IOW run a 10% Happier fundraiser to support IOW at the Unplug meditation studio.

Evening 2/1: Wanderlust Hollywood, CA - TO REGISTER CLICK HERE

Wanderlust Hollywood is the last stop on a cross-country 10% Happier Meditation tour. Dan & Jeff will speak at a public event, and we'll welcome special guest Bill Duane (Superintendent of Well Being at Google) for a discussion of what he’s learned at Google about increasing ass-on-cushion time. The event will conclude with an interview with Moby, the legendary musician and long-time meditator.